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Data Basin

Supporting an open exchange of data and ideas

As environmental conservation problems become more serious and the demand to solve them grows more urgent, it is critical that science, practice, policy, and people cooperate to address them. A team of scientists, software engineers, and educators at the Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) built Data Basin to expand our individual and collective ability to develop sustainable solutions by providing access to spatial data, non-technical tools, and collaborative networks to empower anyone to contribute to these solutions.

The core of Data Basin is free and provides open access to thousands of scientifically-grounded, biological, physical, and socio-economic datasets. Each map and dataset is accompanied by information (metadata) to support its use and interpretation and may also have related reports and publications attached.

Any of your ideas and interpretations possess the potential to inform important conversations and policies moving forward. If you have any interest in our open-access maps and tools, head over to Data Basin to start exploring!
This dataset depicts local connectedness between natural ecosystems throughout the Northern Appalachian-Acadian ecoregion. Access this dataset and many others using Data Basin.